Instagram to hit over 50 million users thanks to Android launch, being bought by Facebook

It really is not easy to go a whole day without mentioning Instagram at this point. The photo sharing social networking app, which recently launched for Android, is approaching (may even have passed now) the 50 million registered user mark. Based on this, the king of social networking, Facebook, is purchasing Instagram for a cool 1 Billion dollars. That’s right, 1,000,000,000 dollars.

Instantly users hit the Internet to complain about the upcoming acquisition, worried that Facebook would ruin the experience users are accustom to. Quickly thereafter Facebook made a point of clearing the air, commenting that they would not change any core functions of Instagram, including the ability to share pictures with social networks other than Facebook.

For better or for worse, it seems the app is still growing, with downloads on Google Play over 5 million already, and being the number 1 free app on iTunes.


Amazon Appstore now supports In-App purchases

The Amazon Appstore took a giant step towards closing the gap with Google Play (Android Market) by announcing today that app developers can use Amazon 1-Click purchasing in their apps. The Amazon Appstore has continued to gain traction as an alternative to Google’s app store, and with the launch of the Kindle Fire last year found itself the center stage for users wanting Android apps on the device.

In-app purchasing has become increasingly popular, especially for Android apps where developers have had a hard time getting users to pay the original download fee their iOS counterparts have been demanding. Common in-app purchases have been for game based currency, extra levels of play, and character add-on like different outfits or weapons.

If you are looking for more information on developing for the Amazon Appstore, stop by their developer portal at


Nexus Tablet to make debut this Summer?

Various technology blogs are reporting today that the Google Nexus Tablet, which has been rumored for sometime, is likely to finally debut at the beginning of Q3. While there is not much more to go on at this point, some of the features that have been rumored that we think are viable include:

– The Nexus Tablet is rumored to be manufactured by ASUS, a company already known in that space thanks to the Transformer Prime.
– The device will launch with the unaltered version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, much like the smartphone counterpart, the Galaxy Nexus.
– The Nexus Tablet will be a 7-inch tablet.
– It is rumored to come in at a price point similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire, at around $199.99.


Google Play Apps in Review – March 24th to March 30th, 2012

Google play (if we refer to it as Android Market excuse us, some habits die hard) saw some fans favorites top the ‘New Free Apps’ list this week, with the top 5 consisting of:

1) Angry Birds Space
2) Temple Run
3) Six-Guns
4) Scramble With Friends Free
5) Bartender The Right Mix

No real surprises here, with Angry Birds Space not only being a popular addition to the franchise, but admittedly a fantastic twist on the game. Temple Run is worth mentioning as well as it has been available for iOS already, and we love to see Android get the games everyone are talking about.

The ‘Top New Paid Apps’ also represented our favorite feathered creatures, with not one but two spots being held down by Angry Birds Space:

1) Angry Birds Space Premium
2) Cut the Rope: Experiments
3) Dungeon Village
4) Angry Birds Space HD
5) NBA JAM by EA Sports

Of note, there is no free version of the new Angry Birds title, so if you want it on your tablet you are paying $2.98 for it. NBA JAM has been a cult favorite for a while now on the iPad, and we are glad to see it make it to the Google play store.

You can view the whole lists, along with Staff and Editorial picks at


Android Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.4 roll out

We stopped by the Android Google+ page today and to our surprise, they have announced that Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 is being released for the HSPA+ variant of the Galaxy Nexus, along with the GSM Nexus S, and the Xoom Wi-Fi. 4.0.4 is the version of ICS that we started to see chatter about back in January, and includes general OS improvements, including enhanced camera features and better screen rotation.

This roll out would also seem to back up the rumour that a 4.0.5 update is en route solely for the LTE Galaxy Nexus, as it is not touched by this update.


Instagram FINALLY making it to Android Devices

With over 25 million users, no one can question that Instagram is yet another social media success story. If we assume for a minute that you or one of your friends does not use the app, it is a pretty simple concept. Instagram allows you to take pictures on your iPhone with various different visual effects, and share the pictures across various social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

At SXSW it was announced that we would finally get to see an Android version of the device, with boasts that it was even more impressive than the iOS version. Yesterday on the Instagram website, an Android landing page went up at allowing users to sign up for notification when the app is ready.

While we do not know a great deal about the specifics of the Android app yet, we can safely assume that it will be supported on Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich variants of the Android operating system.

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