Android Fans - mmohappy521's Album: They barely budged on the asking
They barely budged on the asking
They barely budged on the asking price when I started a new game recently and signed him up, eventually taking 780k after a negotiation that went on for most of the window, but I know that's a massive bargain having already seen what a fantastic player he becomes.I'm pretty sure Derby wonderkid Bennett could easily push his Overall rating into the 80s if you get him in your team early on, which you can do if you've got at least pound 550k to spend at the start of the game.

When my scouts found him he was 25 years old with an Overall of 77 and some very impressive numbers for attributes like Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Reactions, Dribbling and Ball Control that were all still climbing. By that stage he felt great on the ball because he reacted so quickly to changes of direction with the left stick, so it was that bit easier to dribble past defenders.

I almost left Barkley off this list because I imagine that everyone knows by now that he's a fantastic player who's going to get even better, but I decided to include him in the end simply because he became my favourite player to use in one of my best Career Mode save games, so I highly recommend buying him.
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