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Return of Transfer Market
Return of Transfer Market is not a new thing but its a very interesting task. In Transfer Market a player has a complete freedom to sell its players for more coins and the most adventures and exciting part of this market is FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Pink Slip.

As we all now that FUT pink slip is an exciting event in which all players can bet for coins or even rare Ultimate Team cards such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo on an online match and all this is set up in public on FIFA discussion Form through mutual understanding and all this process is fare enough to settle down all doubt's.

So, Friends get ready for this game as this time FIFA 15 has lot to make you FEEL THE GAME. Hence stay connected for more updates.If you enjoyed this post on FIFA 15, please consider leaving a comment or subscribe to stay connected with all FIFA 15 news and updates.
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