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The particular needs of your business
Growth of online traffic for a business will often demand greater capacity than can be delivered by shared hosting services. Greater capacity is thus required to avoid a situation that compromises service quality to their online visitors. There are several ways by which this situation can be resolved. The first of these options is to buy and install your own server. This option however comes with very high financial and technical requirements that could be avoided by choosing to take up a dedicated server or going for colocation hosting.

The particular needs of your business, your plans for growth as well as technical capacity required are some of the factors that will influence your decision to go with either of these options.A dedicated server is one that you rent from service providers and it is assigned to carry your work only. The service provider commits to availing equipment as well as ensuring that you have full time internet connection. The provider is also responsible for the physical security of their equipment and will also be expected to provide security for your data.

On the other hand, colocation requires that you buy a server and have it housed by a service provider who will ensure its safety and provide you with uninterrupted access to the internet. At this point you may be wondering why not simply take up the dedicated server option and save on the money required to buy the server. Those who are simply looking for a basic service can of course take this option. Colocation services are for those who require high specs or specialized features on their servers.
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