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Do not play with Deport
All the clubs will have up to six scouts, and every scout will according to their influence and the ability to be a star rating, the lowest, the highest five-star. When looking for the best players, scouts can match the most suitable teams. According to the characteristics of six. This ability to find specific and scout will determine your waiting time. Usually, the Scout will not more than one week report player information in a few days later, the scouts can always be re deployed, and will continue to find the right players during the season.

EA also said, when browsing the global transfer network, the player's personal rating will not be visible, which will increase the importance of depth.EA details of the transfer process. The transfer part in career mode has all the latest information and rumors, including the recent transactions and transfer information. In the FIFA 14, can sign a contract with the player pre suitable. If a players over the age of 23, and to fulfill the contract less than 6 months, then they will be ready to find a new club.

Do not play with Deportivo La downgrade after the filing,and playing AFC Wimbledon before,but have a good effect,and is now moving up two crazy Q + W then volley become nirvana!As players grow,in fact,more than just let young players play,data or rise quickly.And maybe Weak Foot Almici and Riley star players,the growth rate exciting.
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