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aihjed 12-27-2014 04:34 AM

How to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/Note/Ace
If you have ever had to perform a hard reset, or even lost or broken your Samsung smartphone, or accidentally deleted the whole contacts list when you were cleanning up your Samsung Galaxy S, you may know the frustration of losing your important contact list. Now you may ask is it possible to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy without a backup before?
Yes, thanks to the Samsung contacts recovery software - Android Data Recovery, which allows you to directly scan your Samsung device and recover deleted contacts from it, as well as messages, photos and video.

This program applies to all currently popular Samsung Galaxy smartphones:
Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Epic, Samsung Galaxy Grand

Download a reliable file recovery software like Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery. The recovery process will become smoother with this easy-to-use program. You can use it to retrieve not only deleted contacts as well as SMS messages, photos and video from your Samsung Galaxy or other rooted Samsung phones with Android operating system.

Step 1 Connect your device to the computer

Step 2 Enable USB debugging

Step 3 Detect your device and prepare to analyze the data on it

Step 4 Preview and recover lost contacts on Samsung Galaxy
The scan will take a few minutes. After it, all found contacts will be shown to you on your window. You can preview them and check their details displayed on the right. Then mark those you want to retrieve and click "Recover" at the corner to save them on your computer. If you want to import your contacts back to your device, you can do that with Android to computer Transfer.

Read this use guide: how to recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy

how to restore deleted Messages from Samsung Galaxy

Leniten11 12-26-2017 11:22 AM

Many reasons may result in that data loss, so how to recover contacts from samsung after mistaken deletion, Android Data Recovery is designed for Android users to solve this recovery issue, it allow you to recover lost contacts, photos, videos, messages, music and more from Samsung phones.
how to recover contacts from samsung galaxy

Wihokfar 12-25-2018 01:59 AM

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