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MonicaGu 06-02-2014 07:17 AM

How to Rip and Copy Blu-ray movies to Surface 2 tablet?
The Microsoft Surface is a great divergence from just a simple tablet. You can use it for Office Docs when needed and also works great as a tablet. The DUO-Tablet! As you see, The Microsoft new Surface 2's features large 10.81 in screen of 1920x1080 pixels, ultrafast wireless that makes browsing, downloading, and streaming content at blazing speed, and Windows 8.1 the most advanced operating system. It's great for watching movies.

Get your movies off of your Blu-ray discs onto your Surface 2? If you have collected some Blu-rays and wanna transfer the Blu-ray files to Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2 for playback on the go. Whereas, due to format restrictions and copy protections, you will find it’s impossible to get Blu-ray movies to Surface 2 directly. Fortunately, now there is a workaround for this issue. We'd like to share the solution with all the Surface tablets owners.

The app I’m using is Pavtube BDMagic Applying it, I can easily effortlessly make your DVD videos playable on Surface 2 in just a few mouse clicks by fast ripping Blu-ray to a common video like MP4 for Surface 2 tablet. And I found the picture quality is excellent. So, this BDMagic for Surface is an ideal tool for you.


1. Before anything else, you have to download an app that you are going to use later. You are required to download and install.
2. PC running Windows 8.1 Blue, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
3. Source media (commercial Blu-ray Disc).
4. Pavtube BDMagic.
5. A BD drive for ripping Blu-ray discs.


Aiming to improve customers' experience and product improvements, Pavtube Studio recently launched its new official website - with the new website, Pavtube has migrated its all BD/DVD Copying & Ripping software products to the new site with some brand new names, fantastic discounts waiting for you:

BDMagic (Windows/Mac) -> BDMagic (Windows/Mac)

More detailed information is published on

Step 1. Download and run Pavtube Surface BDMagic or BDMagic for Mac, load your Blu-ray movies into it.

Step 2. Select output for Microsoft Surface. Here we choose MP4.

Step 3. You can Click on “Settings” to adjust bitrate, frame rate, video codec, sample rate and more to get you wanted video quality. If you are satisfactory with the settings of this profile, just keep the default.

Step 4. Press the big ”Convert” button to begin the conversion.

Most Blu-ray movies have high quality, to ensure the quality lossless. The process will take some time. After the conversion completed, transfer the result video to Microsoft Surface via USB cable.

Steps to transfer files to Microsoft Surface via USB wire.

Now, you are able to watch Blu-ray movies on Microsoft Surface 2 anytime and anywhere.


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