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Aimee.R 08-07-2014 01:25 AM

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Motorola Razr
The big 4.3-inch display spans edge-to-edge, yet RAZR M still fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, making this an impossibly compact smartphone. Texting, emailing, reading, watching — it’s all much easier to do when you have 40 percent more screen space than the leading competitor. And on a vibrant, high-resolution Super AMOLED Advanced display, everything looks amazing. As compared to iPhone 4S.

In the unlikely event that your device becomes unresponsive, frozen, blank or black screen, or will not respond to the power button, you can perform a force restart or reboot on the device. Here is the thing. What if I lost some data in this process? Can I get them back from my Motorola Razr?

If they are important to you and you have to recover them, you can try Android Data Recovery, which is capable enough to recover deleted photos from Motorola Razr.

Perform Motorola Razr Photo Recovery in Steps

Step 1. Connect your Motorola Razr to a PC
After installing the program, run it on your computer. Then plug-in your Motorola Razr to computer.

Step 2. Analyzing your Motorola Razr
After connecting your device to the computer, the program will recognize your smartphone and will automatically bring up the next step. Click on the “Start” button whenever you are ready. It will then start analyzing your device.

By then, you will see a pop-up Superuser Request on your Motorola Razr requesting you to allow your device to be in super user mode. Just click “Allow” on your Motorola Razr and then back to your computer. Click “start” to continue the process.

Step 3. Scanning your device
In the step, the program will scan all the data on your phone. It may take you a long time. You can be noticed of the remaining time under the scanning bar.

Step 4. Preview and recover lost photos from Motorola Razr
When the scanning finishes, a scan result will be generated by the program automatically. You can check your photos by choosing “Gallery” among the categories on the left. Mark those you want to save and click “Recover” to export them to your computer.

Tutorial: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Motorola Razr

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marcusdatago 08-17-2016 12:18 AM

Yes, it is possible. You can follow this step by step guide:
how to recover photos from Motorola phone

It is easy to follow and can recover deleted photos from Motorola moto phones.

Read more information

Recover data from Moto G/X/E

How to restore photos from Android phones

Leniten11 12-25-2017 09:17 AM

If you don’t make a backup, you can use a android recovery tool to extract photo from broken samsung phone, you also can get back music, video, text messages, contacts, call history and other files. It can support all samsung devices and other android phones.

Leniten11 12-25-2017 09:37 AM

Here is some guides can help you.
how to recover deleted files from motorola atrix
how to recover deleted contacts from motorola

chichic 01-31-2018 09:25 PM

If you have backup file, you can easily restore your motorola phone with it easily to get back deleted photos. If you don't have one, you need to use data recovery for Android OS. It can scan your phone and find the deleted photos for you.

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