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youzune 10-30-2015 04:03 AM

How to Transfer Contacts From Windows Phone to Samsung
When you want to buy a new Android phone to replace your old Windows phone like Nokia, Google and so on, many users will choose the Samsung, if you ask which Samsung mobile phone model is better, I believe many people have been took notice of the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Obviously, if you browse related to Samsung’s forum or blog, you can easily find the relevant questions as follows:

* How to transfer contacts from HTC Lumia Phone to Samsung Galaxy S6?
* How can I sync my data from Nokia Lumia 520 to Samsung Galaxy S6?
* Is it possible to switch iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?
* Is there any ways to directly copy my phone number from WinPhone to Galaxy S6?
* Can the transfer tools in the market sync contacts from my WinPhone to Galaxy S6?
* Can I directly transfer contacts between WinPhone and Samsung?
* And so on…

Although the Windows phone and Samsung are running different OS, but there isn't no ways to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Samsung. Please keep reading the following introduction.

Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac which is also named Phone to Phone Transfer, supporting to exchange data from most Windows phones, including Lumia 950/920/800 running windows 10. Thus, the contacts can be moved easily between Windows phone and Samsung device, as well as photos, videos and music. As for contacts, you can transfer not only the name and the number, but also the e-mail, address and more details which you have inputed on your Lumia phone.

How to Transfer Contacts From Windows Phone to Samsung

Step 1. Install the program and run it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect both of your Windows phone and Samsung to PC.

Step 3. Backup your contacts from WinPhone to OneDrive.

Step 4. Login your OneDrive to extract your contacts from backup

Step 5. Transfer contacts to your Samsung device.

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SIshikawai 11-21-2015 03:15 AM

I have been trying to figure how to switch my contacts over to my Galaxy S6. I had a Nokia Lumia 520 and I really don't want to manually put my phone book in, but I don't see where they were saved. Thanks for this post, it helps a lot.

tduckyor 01-05-2016 10:38 AM

Transfer WinsPhone Contacts to Galaxy A9/S7/Note 5/S6
Phone Transfer is a one-click program that has the ability to copy contacts from Windows phone to Android phone. The program covers the massive tasks in the background so that steps you need to do is simple. It takes a few minutes to complete cloning phone numbers as well as contact's info to the destination phone.

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Hesoon 02-17-2016 01:10 AM

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MobileTransfer1 04-21-2016 05:41 AM

How to Backup and Restore Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Data
Mobile Phone Transfer. It is an excellent tool that can be used for file transferring, backing up phones of various brands and recovering your phone data.

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bo89460020sh1 04-28-2016 01:55 AM

Transfer WinsPhone Contacts to Samsung
As for such case to deal with the data between two totally distinguished OS, Mobile Transfer serves as a bridge to complete the files transferring. No matter your phone is running Windows 10 or 8 or 7, it works for managing the device and compatible with Android Lollipop/KitKat/JellyBean, etc.

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