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zedd 06-19-2018 05:41 AM

How to Stream Apple Music to Samsung Galaxy
It is no doubt that Apple Music is a streaming music service,like Spotify Music. However, many users may ask how to keep Apple Music songs forever? How to keep the "downloaded" Apple Music after canceling Apple Music subscription? How to remove DRM from Apple Music songs and how to get download the songs as the local files? For most of Android users, they ask how to sync Apple Music to Samsung Galaxy?

With the help of Apple Music Converter, a professional Apple Music DRM removal software, you can easily remove DRM restriction from Apple Music, convert Apple Music M4P songs to DRM-free MP3 for playing it common files. Apple Music Converter is famous for converting Apple Music to free MP3 and other formats, like AAC, M4A legally with up to 16X speed. The converted Apple Music will be output with its original quality. After that, you can keep the converted Apple Music and playlists forever after canceling Apple Music subscription, stream the music to any compatible device, like Samsung Galaxy and other Android models, iPod, iPhone, PSP/PS4, MP3 players and more.

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