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Wnwinllaa 12-23-2014 01:28 AM

How to backup samsung galaxy songs to computer
Music is a wonderful thing, the music to express affection, love, friendship, music can move a lot of people. Many people like to listen to music. Now people can listen to music in MP3 MP4 and TV above also often play music. But as mobile phones become increasingly popular, more people like to listen to music on the mobile phone. Everywhere, people are wearing headphones and enjoy the wonderful pleasure of music. If you want to transfer your love music from Samsung galaxy to computer ,how to do?Here, I'll share you this Coolmuster Samsung Data Backup software, which can help transfer music from Samsung galaxy phone to computer with ease.
Follow the steps below to backup Samsung galaxy songs to computer
1 Connect your Samsung galaxy phone and enable USB debugging
2 Analyze your samsung phone
3 Scan your Samsung galaxy music
4 Preview and transfer Samsung galaxy music to computer.
You can preview music and find it from computer.
How to backup videos from samsung galaxy to computer

Jessica Adams 03-25-2015 09:03 AM

Backup Samsung Galaxy songs to computer
To backup Samsung Galaxy songs to computer using Samsung Kies.
1. Connect your device to your computer.
2. Open Kies and click the Back up/Restore tab.
3. Click the Back up / Restore tab
4. If necessary, click Data backup.
5. Click Backup
6. Mark the checkbox next to the content you want to back up. You can select all content by marking the checkbox next to Select all items. Click Backup.
7. Select Content to be Backed Up
8. Click Complete when the backup is finished.
9. Click Complete
10. You can have Kies automatically back up your device every time it's connected by clicking the checkbox next to Automatically back up when USB connection is established.
11. Select Content to be Backed Up

Loie 05-31-2016 05:19 AM

Here I'd like to recommend this backup assistant.

You can use it to transfer text messages, contacts, photos, memos, music files and videos from samsung phone to pc.

More related: backup android contacts.

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