Ice Cream Sandwich update available for the Sony Tablet S

When we reviewed the Sony Xperia S, we were quick to mention that Sony had plans to update their devices to ICS in the next couple of months. Looks like Sony decided not to make liars out of us, as they have released the ICS update for their Android tablet, the Tablet S.

The upgrade path is pretty easy, just connect by WiFi and you will be prompted to perform a ‘System Update’. That update will in fact be to Ice Cream Sandwich, including some of the features you have come to love about the newest version of Android, including the new camera modes, face-unlock, and the Google Chrome beta that we all came to love as part of the Galaxy Nexus.

No specific date on when the Xperia devices will follow suit, they they are scheduled to be sometime this month.

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  1. Leslie says:

    could of used a better voice, got aneynod after 4 minutes or so -.- don’t see the hype with samsung, especially the phones. This tab admittedly beats HTC, but phone wise I think HTC are leading the way. Sadly, people seem to take a larger interest in uglier phones by Samsung strangeeee

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