Google Play Apps in Review – March 24th to March 30th, 2012

Google play (if we refer to it as Android Market excuse us, some habits die hard) saw some fans favorites top the ‘New Free Apps’ list this week, with the top 5 consisting of:

1) Angry Birds Space
2) Temple Run
3) Six-Guns
4) Scramble With Friends Free
5) Bartender The Right Mix

No real surprises here, with Angry Birds Space not only being a popular addition to the franchise, but admittedly a fantastic twist on the game. Temple Run is worth mentioning as well as it has been available for iOS already, and we love to see Android get the games everyone are talking about.

The ‘Top New Paid Apps’ also represented our favorite feathered creatures, with not one but two spots being held down by Angry Birds Space:

1) Angry Birds Space Premium
2) Cut the Rope: Experiments
3) Dungeon Village
4) Angry Birds Space HD
5) NBA JAM by EA Sports

Of note, there is no free version of the new Angry Birds title, so if you want it on your tablet you are paying $2.98 for it. NBA JAM has been a cult favorite for a while now on the iPad, and we are glad to see it make it to the Google play store.

You can view the whole lists, along with Staff and Editorial picks at

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