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: New Member Introductions

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  1. This night Thompson become the focus of all
  2. So "self-willed" you will never catch his steps
  3. He is a very special person not only to the Cavs but for James
  4. Tyronn Lue, a maker of miracles
  5. Motiejunas will probably have a new opportunity in Rockets
  6. It is time to play more aggressive
  7. Will Warriors more need Durant to get offensive chances for teammates?
  8. Miserable! Howard was pushed to the forefront of public opinion again
  9. He just wanted to win despite incredible
  10. Westbrook is so "overbearing" and "unreasonable" on the field
  11. D'Antoni, we must be well prepared
  12. So sincere friendship despite the different pursuit
  13. Rebuild confidence, how long will the Hawks need?
  14. Be patient, the "wolves" of the Timberwolves are still too young
  15. Brothers duel! ultimately Wade had won
  16. Irving and Wade, a struggle between "new love" and "old love"
  17. Be vigilant! Jeremy Lin has to come back soon
  18. This is a new era! we will not play with emotion
  19. Brothers' affection is diffusing between James and Wade
  20. The Clippers may still can't go further due to Rivers
  21. No exaggeration, he saved Harden
  22. What's wrong with James? just the depressed state
  23. The future is unknown, if once again we'll do that
  24. Curry's whereabouts will affect all the fans' nerves at next year
  25. This is a long season, just wait and see
  26. Sherman will continue his criticism, challenge it?
  27. Patty Mills is expected as a turn of the situation like Ginobili
  28. Towns ignited hope, this is definitely a starting point
  29. Westbrook's night, the audience cheers as if only for this moment
  30. Back to Atlanta, Howard smiled from the heart again
  31. Amazing people and more let people look forward
  32. Truely Scott Brooks' merits outweigh errors for Thunder
  33. How this all-around warrior will become a terrible star?
  34. Cavs must correctly open the mode of win
  35. Twice efforts for the Clippers, but just futile
  36. The current Irving is really due to the role of the father
  37. He is a special existence for the Cavs
  38. Durant is still the most dazzling superstar
  39. Westbrook, just finding the best way to win the game
  40. Repeatedly misfiring what's up with New York boss?
  41. Playing the right game, that's all
  42. We must continue to struggle despite everything that has happened
  43. Such a painful defeat! Clippers as sleepwalkers on the pitch
  44. This is actually a matter of choice for Irving
  45. Rockets are going very smoothly under the new coach and lineup structure
  46. Become a superstar, there is still a long way to go for McCollum
  47. Harden is Harden! is not easy to be challenged
  48. Lakers no doubt is the most eye-popping team at new season
  49. Look at what happened on the Clippers at the new season
  50. The expected superstar failed to shine just Oden lacked luck
  51. The power of idols is infinite only to leave his mark in Toronto
  52. For sure! he had created Jimmy Butler's fantasy journey
  53. Smith, it might be his final NFL season
  54. Rodgers and teams will respond with very optimistic
  55. The deal of Cousins will happen, just who will take over?
  56. There was no signs before the game
  57. Sure, the former Minnesota wolf king is recovering
  58. James is the superstar that always has teammates in eyes
  59. New and old hatred is together with going all out
  60. The bludgeoning comes very timely
  61. Walton had gaven the Lakers' fans enough surprise
  62. Full emotion! the change is coming with too dreamy
  63. Porzingis is already ace of the Knicks, who say is not?
  64. We are going forward on the right road! the Knicks immersed in joy
  65. The centers are on the wane? obviously is not the case
  66. "The big men" are making a comeback just not be the past
  67. Competition is escalating, the fans will feast for the eyes
  68. Conley, don't care whether be underestimated despite frustrated
  69. Dusty records for 30 years was easily broken by Warriors
  70. Harden is doing for rewriting the history of the Rockets
  71. Vince Carter, to accept old but don't accept can't play
  72. Westbrook has no choice, this is the single-core effect
  73. Irving reaped the domineering self-confidence only belongs to him
  74. Isolated or further? it depends on Westbrook
  75. It will be the most relaxed season of James
  76. You can beat him but never defeat him! just is Beverley
  77. Green will not hesitate to compete for, this is what he wants
  78. How the NBA's theme is formed?
  79. Whiteside will not have been bullying with actual action
  80. The lesson! Porzingis still needs correct guide and burnishing
  81. Harden's value is to let you unexpected
  82. The best player! this is the direction of Butler's effort
  83. So an absurd scene! how did Harden feel?
  84. Cavs is easy to fall into a state of fragmented without James
  85. George in full confidence but James was absent
  86. Tired of losing, but firmly believe that Clippers can go further
  87. The same state of mind between Harden and Westbrook
  88. The Cavs' magic weapon to win the game is Channing Frye!
  89. This is what Russell? obviously is Curry!
  90. Howard re-opened the memory of the fans
  91. How exciting! if Davis and Westbrook come to cooperation
  92. Continueing like this, Thunder will is afraid to lose Westbrook
  93. Impressived! Lakers is going to into the playoffs?
  94. Poor defense to impact championship may just the bubble
  95. The Rockets and Harden like reborn with a new outlook
  96. How difficult with single-handedly to support the Thunder go far
  97. Timberwolves, the future is ours!
  98. He is a rising star with high fame for NBA players
  99. Jackson has being in favor of the triangular tactics
  100. The Lakers will go further this season although I'm not doing anything
  101. All "Spray brothers" perfect play will be impeccable
  102. Thompson is the most important part of the Warriors' attack
  103. Did Thunder regret about trading Ibaka away?
  104. Having encountered Butler is Wade's lucky
  105. Fortunately, Jabari Parker has released the talent again
  106. The sweet atmosphere but strong desire of winning only due to wade
  107. The end for Durant may be a better start in other
  108. Love career of Thabo Sefolosha? he found that is basketball
  109. Wade, full of gratitude for the past and full of expectations for the future
  110. Unique! DeRozan seems to be a heterogene
  111. Harden's opportunity to create the history unexpectedly is in Spurs
  112. Rockets incredibly with a defense break through the Spurs
  113. The more important for Rockets only improve the defense to go far
  114. To go further, Harden needs a superstar as a partner
  115. NBA players had done US presidential election
  116. Chris Paul destined to only become a forgotten superstar?
  117. Unbeaten James also had no way when he face Howard!
  118. Not ready to have to take the consequences
  119. From a fragment to solidarity Walton has doing
  120. Shining at the moment! not the same as Harden
  121. Challenge! Durant has been doing
  122. Rapid rebound! the stadium was trembling for Curry
  123. Who is the director of the change in the Lakers?
  124. "The flash" once the contribution will not be forgotten
  125. The Mavericks saw the hope because he stood out
  126. Lakers is going ahead the road of the great revival?
  127. The Warriors have no hope of winning the championship?
  128. Real successor of Kobe Bryant unexpectedly turned out to be him?
  129. Regret! Derozan had missed the opportunity
  130. Strength is beyond doubt despite the poor control in emotion
  131. Duran had truely tried but must look ahead
  132. Wait! guys, we will meet
  133. Surprise! the depth of the Lakers is the bright spot
  134. Someone else can pick Leonard's fault?
  135. The Lakers played a dark horse with "show time"
  136. Warm and cruel coexistence but you have to do mercilessly
  137. To go further the Rockets must improve defense
  138. A more comprehensive James after the champion
  139. The eastern other teams is still a supporting role
  140. Leaving is better for the future to start
  141. The future on the pitch you and me will be the strangers
  142. No mercy! Durant had efficiently destroyed the old master
  143. This day has finally came! the smell of gunpowder is spreading
  144. Just go all out with crazy performance
  145. Love's defense in be better Cavs will be more crazy in the future!
  146. Harden is strong that he has controlled the game
  147. The super willpower to create today's him
  148. Constantly tearing the opponent's defence this is Westbrook!
  149. Howard recovered the long-lost happy basketball in Atlanta
  150. As a competitor Durant and Westbrook will be what kind of spark?
  151. Too evil! poor geography in the Blazers?
  152. No reason the superstar should be like that!
  153. The extension of the spirit of the black mamba
  154. Easy to win is Durant's purpose
  155. A piece of wood can hardly support! that is Harden
  156. Irving is still young and far from the peak
  157. Embarrassed! the Rockets should what to do?
  158. Where amazing happens? that must be in Thunder
  159. The Bulls are enjoying the play with happily
  160. Wade had let the Bulls has a qualitative change
  161. Demar DeRozan a very special presence!
  162. Durant's departure but the upgrade of Westbrook
  163. A maverick basketball talent who vented his anger on the basketball court
  164. Wesley Matthews can leave Houston with standing despite losing
  165. Always gives you unexpected surprises that is Bogut! do Warriors miss?
  166. Really not the same! Harden played the aura that a leader should have
  167. An awkward situation for Green and Thompson, What is up?
  168. Booing is the biggest power! Durant could not stop his steps
  169. Impeccable performance! Leonard has upgraded again
  170. With Wade there the Bulls' game must be very interesting
  171. Not easy! he tamed Cousins who is the first tartar of union
  172. Surely! Dwight Howard has welcomed a new opportunity to rebirth
  173. Messi trikot kinder die
  174. Interesting! Isiah Thomas almost led the Celtics to capsize
  175. The home field where Jeremy Lin must shake this season
  176. Lonely hero! bad to the extreme in the defense
  177. Stunning! Lakers may become a weak version of the Warriors
  178. The "Wolf king" of Timberwolves in Glen Taylor's thoughtThe "Wolf king" of Timberwolv
  179. Jeremy Lin is a natural leader as long as give him the opportunity
  180. Just needs to focus on taking the crown for Westbrook
  181. Everyone has a chance into Lakers' starting lineup at the era after Kobe
  182. A sweet night is a sign of the repeat
  183. Gorgeous change! Cavs has been showing outstanding teamwork
  184. Yes! Damian Lillard will be the MVP at new season
  185. Irving's ability has been sublimated after the baptism of winning
  186. 32 years old for the championship? a little time leave to Anthony
  187. This night indeed belongs to James
  188. Cultivating young players to help Lakers' revival
  189. A gorgeous storm will be staged with Mike D'Antoni?
  190. Teammates had helped the super stars to continue the last myth
  191. Warriors is the focus! players must be able to withstand criticism
  192. The new season of NBA is about to destine wonderful?
  193. Sighing, the best he had missed the best opportunity!
  194. Will you pay attention to such a dim without super star Lakers?
  195. The team still has a bright future due to Russell Westbrook
  196. Regrettably, Yi jianlian is not the best of himself
  197. The Rockets can return to the peak at new season?
  198. Two tragic figures! Who will be more fortunate?
  199. Mike D'Antoni is particularly good at helping good players get better
  200. Yi jianlian is expected to create surprise, Yi-sanity?
  201. The new season Rockets is refreshing maybe copy the miracle of Suns
  202. This is just the beginning Curry can firmly become better!
  203. New York fans have been waiting for a long time Jackson needs to prove himself
  204. No suspense MVP Curry was brushing the data!
  205. There is full play to the position and space
  206. The focus of the game is Coincided with the starting lineup
  207. Durant's joining means someone in Warriors must be willing to sacrifice?
  208. James is the eldest brother is a mentor for Kyrie Irving
  209. Out of question Lillard's goal just is to get into the playoffs
  210. Nick Young seems to be awakened know what to do
  211. Who is likely to break the pattern of alliance supremacy today?
  212. No sense of security, can Yijianlian stay in the Lakers?
  213. Strong! remains strong! Jeremy Lin has become the core of Brooklyn
  214. To be sure, "the flash" is not affected in Butler's team
  215. Gobert must take the leading and interpretate the dominance
  216. This is inevitable! Prescott has to start over Romo
  217. NBA where amazing happens!
  218. The first man at alliance in the future but how is now?
  219. Obviously that Luke Walton is satisfied with Randle's performance
  220. Durant'joining directly contributed the Warriors to a super team
  221. Very brutal! Biyombo is totally worth the price of the contract
  222. A excellent beginning in return for Paul Millsap
  223. Bulls is worth looking forward due to "the flash" at the new season
  224. "Excellent quality and reasonable price" this is Patrick McCaw
  225. D'Angelo Russell to be firing on full power! deserved core of the new season
  226. Keeping the advantage! win the trust of Lakers only a matter of time
  227. The adversary and meet each other is jealous
  228. This will be a distinctive story
  229. John Wall, the best season was full of regret
  230. Draymond Green, the growing road in the league like dream
  231. The talented but with the properties of the glass make person sorry
  232. For sure! Devin Booker the young star is rising
  233. Just joining in hometown club Bulls for "The Flash"?
  234. The best finishing way for Paul Pierce's basketball career
  235. Can achieve about that Chris Bosh's comeback this season?
  236. Rich Hill will get the nod for Dodgers to start battle?
  237. Santiago Casilla is a good pitcher! he has had here despite the loss
  238. An amazing act of selflessness with full of positive energy on NFL
  239. Surely, Kaepernick is itching to get out to play
  240. Harden ultimately is a super scorers
  241. Jeremy Lin is performing another wonderful story
  242. The Nets is the place that I want to go now
  243. New core of the Miami Heat is breaking the doubts
  244. You are glad that Warriors lost at the 2016 NBA Finals?
  245. Jordan McRae basically can lock a stay in the Cavs?
  246. The Spurs formally entered a era of Leonard
  247. Howard is the resurgent with full blood in the new owner Hawks
  248. The Lakers will afresh win the attention of the audience
  249. In Europe which is Sergio Llull's flying sky
  250. Jusuf Jusufkic has taking surprise to the Denver Nuggets