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  1. Boost morale! Hawks had broken the spell
  2. The reason of led to the Rockets quickly rout
  3. Star aura to win the game smoothly
  4. Shot through the Rockets again despite Curry was absent
  5. Duncan had a very high evaluation to Leonard
  6. Why can the Warriors also win without Curry?
  7. Pivotal ball for Lowry to stabilize morale
  8. Durant's state will influence the western pattern?
  9. If Westbrook crazy who can stop?
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  11. Tears in the spot, Grizzlies had done their best
  12. Always crash, too terrible Harden had in depression
  13. "An arrow through a heart" James had in crazy
  14. From a grassroots to metamorphosis, look CJ McCollum
  15. Who can save the Rockets? the bald head coach?
  16. Defense fighting for Houston the night belongs to Harden
  17. Good! taking back the advantage of home court
  18. A great scorer, no one can hold up
  19. This state was too weird, not the opportunity?
  20. How a glory! Sixth Man Award for third time
  21. Too superstitious! Losing unexpectedly blamed the jerseys
  22. Missed the opportunity, the depressed state of Westkrook
  23. How to become cornerstone of the team with three big problem
  24. Grizzlies must bold changes to get the hope
  25. Overwhelming! slowly but surely victory of Heat
  26. No doubt, Cavs had opened a good start in the playoffs
  27. How strong are the youth Celtics? The Hawks is the touchstone
  28. The probability about entering the finals, what did ESPN say
  29. Curry had the most intense competition of steals
  30. Continue entanglements of the NBA finals
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  32. Yves makes some interesting points Pete
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  35. Special significance! Warriors had the record high
  36. Say goodbye to the "domineering" youth of Kobe Bryant
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  38. The eastern third! Heat to be determined to win
  39. Paul just reserve energy for the playoffs
  40. Opening all fire! Lock the first for the east
  41. The glaring score is not so important just feelings
  42. Overwhelming! Lakers was thoroughly broken
  43. Constantly create new myths? like Jordan
  44. How Derozan had surpassed the legend? just look
  45. Surely? they had maken the Rocket despair
  46. In jeopardy! will the prospect of Houston go wrong?
  47. Only watch the legend who had played 20 years
  48. Can't wait to play in the playoffs
  49. Terminate the last chance of hitting playoffs for Rockets
  50. Kobe Bryant just make doubt as power all the time
  51. Breathtaking! almost destroyed the pivotal victory
  52. A top priority just win the game for Rockets
  53. Invincible! don't let him get serious
  54. Meet with the Raptors Jeremy Lin has a saying
  55. Pop up big upset! who can imagine?
  56. Yao Ming had shattered all kinds of bias for china
  57. Let the opponent collapse, this is Kobe Bryant
  58. Pity! the best combination just has if leave
  59. Losing the game is the highlight
  60. It's great! the spirit of Cavs must be James
  61. Good enough tohad directed the reversion!
  62. They all can't afford to lose!
  63. Unbeaten home! What can we say?
  64. Star-studded! Yao Ming has became the China's first man
  65. The invincible opponent to the Timberwolves
  66. Young have infinite possibility without rested model
  67. Collective dumb fire! he is inferior to James?
  68. "Fatal injury" despite had the best pass
  69. Surpassing the legend, Durant had done!
  70. Spurs had good news constantly at the Memphis
  71. Refuse to off the chain on the formidable task
  72. Data parsing! who is more stronger, Spurs or Warriors?
  73. Top star's data! Thompson should not be undervalued
  74. This is Kevin Durant as legend
  75. Paul should even more be remembered at that game
  76. No doubt James had absolute charisma of leadership
  77. Coming again! continue to shine in the crucial game?
  78. James has entered the best state?
  79. It's a pity for Leonard that no record though omnipotent
  80. Cavs is lost again, Irving will be faced with cleaning
  81. Declaring completely return the peak of MVP season
  82. Had tried! Harden was very brave at that game
  83. Poignant! Can don't let him play?
  84. Parker's night of milestone was also "mileage sorrow"
  85. Super reverse! Hornets shocked the union
  86. The best game just belong to the basketball world
  87. Had defended the dignity at home court
  88. Had James lost as soon as he comes back?
  89. Plaint! Time and tide has gone
  90. It was a pity that fall short though surged
  91. Aldridge adjusted state in the best model
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  93. Great! Spurs had continued unbeaten home record
  94. Off to a bad start is the biggest problem
  95. Batum played the part of all-around role again
  96. 33 points also didn't fill the holes
  97. The veteran continues to refresh legend
  98. George got rid of depressed mood to get the key victory
  99. Have exposed problems difficult to compete with Cavs
  100. The Rockets did it! Record high!
  101. This is where the adizero XT 5 shines
  102. The Clippers has losed to fulfill the enemy
  103. Helpless, Clippers had losed with a little ugly
  104. JR Smith actually is the most trusted for James?
  105. Jeremy Lin's role don't need through data measured
  106. Bright spot! almighty Green had helped Warriors to complete revenge
  107. The whole world is now watching the Warriors
  108. Perfect! Kobe had staged a dream blow
  109. The exploit and pride just of Lakers has gone
  110. Unique! Love is still dazzing
  111. Dazzling! three giants of Cavs are invincible
  112. Too shocked! the night he found himself
  113. Rockets players had paired together to reverse
  114. Talent all exhibit! Randle is rolled into by Randolph and Odom
  115. A fighter! Millsap is the absolute pillar of Hawks
  116. Super god show! the first in the history of Blazers
  117. The worst in the western ranking, what Lakers must do?
  118. Joining the Spurs for West to mean all
  119. Dream start! Thunder full blood resurrection
  120. Staples center in boiling just for feeling had lost long time
  121. Who can imagined that Curry was defensived spacelessly by Lakers
  122. Who can suppress the irate Harden?
  123. Mozgov will be a key link in this season's champions trip
  124. Spell it enough to against the Warriors
  125. The real core! Cavs' smooth running depends on him
  126. Lundqvist's outburst had splitted between goalies
  127. Who is the mighty terminator for beating Warriors
  128. Opened a new era with a sharp three points
  129. Spurs break the spell! Leonard was the key
  130. Who can stop the strong Curry, nobady?
  131. More and more mature, Mudiay is constantly growing
  132. Militantly proclaim! Rockets thanks to him
  133. Last summer's backcourt signings Rockets has failed
  134. The most impressive Parsons had in simply astounding
  135. Leader temperament! Thompson had
  136. Morey still keep morale to don't go away easily
  137. Reinforcing, reinforcing the squad
  138. Owen proved his defensive again, what's more vital for James
  139. The most powerful of the competition for eastern
  140. The brigh prospect of Downes despite had exposed weakness
  141. The young will get more opportunities in Rockets
  142. Jeff Teague has proved with excellent performance
  143. Raptors won the final victory despite Derozan losed embarrassedly
  144. That was undoubtedly the most ridiculous scene
  145. A beyond winning game for the audiences
  146. Cavs done just to destroy rivals for completing revenge
  147. Curry's 3-pointers almost swept the alliance
  148. "No shot was wasted" the king of horrific efficiency
  149. Hood make amends the fault by pivotal three-pointer
  150. Howard's pain, who can understand?
  151. Warriors determined the victory to moved Beyond the Bulls
  152. A stunt of rebound recovery leaded to go
  153. Crazy sweep! Cavs sent Thunder to the worst defeat
  154. Davis had crazy pattern like a medal of honor airborne
  155. An astonishing move! just Jeremy Lin
  156. freight forwarding
  157. Harden is still a monster on the offense, invincible!
  158. Defensive flaw is hinder! Curry moved beyond the Jordan? there are words
  159. Breaking previous record of the Bulls, just time knows
  160. Depressed Bulls in a five-game losing streak
  161. "Kill two birds with one stone" Thunder is a winner
  162. Avs has beat by Iginla scores twice
  163. Shattenkirk's OT goal was the key for Blues' victory
  164. The Hornets seems to beter with good news
  165. Flyers got back on track by handling Devils
  166. The Grizzlies has positively adjusted for gasol's absence
  167. The critical moment in the playoffs, deals done
  168. Go their separate ways, Rockets can only choose to rebuild
  169. Howard is really not much reason to stay for Rockets
  170. Exciting! Seguin has scored twice during big 2nd
  171. What's next after Matt Forte's career is done
  172. Elliott will start his first Daytona 500 from the top spot
  173. The two men diamond cut diamond for deductiving moment
  174. The all-star biggest winner belonged to Timberwolves
  175. Actively patched up and determined the victroy
  176. "Grassroots" player Lowry completely crushed opponent
  177. So depressed, just Kobe Bryant
  178. Curry had in extraordinary performance with Thompson's cooperation
  179. Curry surpass Kobe just a matter of time
  180. So the data of terror not only for 30 years
  181. Anyhow Kobe Bryant still is the most dazzling star
  182. The Cavs' three cores eventually show their talent
  183. Very brave and successive pivotal ball
  184. Spurs has to do something to promote inside power
  185. Having a clear conscience against the Hornets
  186. Green knew he must make positive response to his teammates' pardon
  187. Getting scores never is problem,this is Durant
  188. James has surpassed the youngest record that belongs to Kobe
  189. Love seems to have efficient regression?
  190. Return home with honor! Lakers fans cheer for Gasol
  191. Harden faces the old master, everything is in order to win!
  192. Curry becomes the most dominant player nearly 10 years,do you?
  193. Start from the beginning again? Dragic will come back Houston?
  194. Very proud! Breaking the doubt to prove himself
  195. Exciting! the first win in Atlanta since 2009
  196. Showing the mien of team leader, James came out
  197. Spurs quickly got out of the shadows, positive action
  198. A strong offensive of Lillard for the western all-star
  199. The more powerful the more have to rebound, Durant is
  200. Hope disillusioned! Griffin felt dejected
  201. Miracle! Curry has collapsed the Spurs thoroughly
  202. Love must completely integrate into the system
  203. Don't let Duncan play, another mystery?
  204. Paul deduce a lonely hero on the pitch
  205. "fight like Kilkenny cat" what will wonderful mean?
  206. Walker, the most dazzling star at this very moment
  207. Nightmare! George looked like a broken wing angel
  208. Expectation! Smith's return is absolutely positive energy for Rockets
  209. The critical moment counterattack, narrowly missed!
  210. Have relieved just to prove himself
  211. The enemy of life may be this on the field
  212. Stop falling! Cavs have done indeed
  213. What's up? really in depressed and confused
  214. For Howard, leaving Houston may be the best choice
  215. Terrible! Rockets have no chance to make mistakes again
  216. Huge potential make limitless possibilities for the future
  217. Paper tiger! how far Tunder can go?
  218. Performance of god level although failed to win
  219. That's great! Redick was almost to confront alone
  220. Unique Curry in the eyes of his teammates
  221. Duran has break doubts with datas
  222. Facing Kobe big beard did with deducing the wonderful moment
  223. Rockets still confident despite series of poor performance
  224. The bench Anderson outburst with firing
  225. Playing tricks on Beverly to wonderful goal
  226. An easy win without damage
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  228. Making Warriors like a duck to water just value of Green
  229. All-star sprint changeability who will be counter attack?
  230. The best Rookie must belong to him!
  231. An integral part despite rolling state
  232. Who is core of team? Green will not inferior to Curry
  233. Hornets can reverse the situation after trading?
  234. Change also useless! another "infrabar"
  235. After already a long time of glory
  236. Historical level? no, just different times
  237. Awakening! don't underestimate them despite no longer young
  238. Strong data to avoid the Rockets to crash
  239. James is no longer alone
  240. The rise of the season just belongs to him
  241. Can't stop! JR was crazy
  242. Harden is still a mainstay of the Rockets
  243. A new force suddenly rises just Drummond Green
  244. Ultra-high popularity despite heroic is no longer
  245. The night of the harvest with perfect shows
  246. Leave them to stabilize or afford?
  247. Injuries to invade what's wrong with Rockets this season?
  248. Shifty despite the last few seconds
  249. Howard want to walk out trough maybe return Magic
  250. Absolutely! Duncan had a historical stage achievement