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  1. We are ready to win with Paul together
  2. This is the rhythm of deaLeeng with the Warriors?
  3. Joining the Spurs just to grasp the opportunity to win champion
  4. The new season will be a year of James's record?
  5. Fitzpatrick is expected to be the opening day quarterback for Jets
  6. Thrilled! Aroldis Chapman had blazed in Cubs debut
  7. Durant's debut at oracle arena with infinite surprise
  8. Showing braw memories of the times by sealing three number jersey
  9. The Olympic story of James who the God's favored one
  10. screaming at the scene! Anthony showed horrible scoring ability
  11. The US men's basketball team will implement sweeping with "two god"
  12. Durant made the Warriors' fans have a boiling passion at oracle arena
  13. Durant has felt the warm welcome from the fans
  14. The absolute dominance playing skill, Shaquille O'Neal had
  15. Leaving Thunder? Westbrook ready to enter the next chapter of the career?
  16. Rookie coach Tyronn Lue will continue to stay in Cleveland
  17. This summer Portland is the most crazy
  18. The Pink Sox can't signal supreme Cuban probability Lourdes Gurriel... nevertheless
  19. Rookie Dominique Robertson had filed a formal complaint
  20. Craig Kimbrel likely will miss the All-Star Game
  21. Perfect! Stephen Strasburg has remained unbeaten so far
  22. Regretful for Speights that a wonderful puzzle to leave Warriors
  23. Russell Westbrook will renewal the contract from Thunder ahead of time?
  24. Revenging the Cavs for Warriors, Durant is the key?
  25. Durant just want to stay in the Warriors
  26. Bulls will have luxury backcourt squad, copy the Cavs?
  27. Wade will return to his natal land
  28. Dwight Howard will go all out for his hometown Atlanta
  29. The Knicks positive operation activing in this summer
  30. Which points the Rockets had attracted Ryan Anderson?
  31. This summer with mad burning money, Wade no longer willing to make sacrifice
  32. How incredible Durant's coming is going to be! Green had thought
  33. Both challenges and unprecedented opportunities for Russell Westbrook
  34. Situation had big changed in the West, will Spurs have any action?
  35. Kevin Durant's departure means to have broken for Thunder
  36. Durant joined Warriors to build the most terrible four giant in the history?
  37. Looking Dominique Robertson was recovering
  38. Stephen Strasburg was activated with walking four batters
  39. Where Durant should to go? and see what Jerry West had said
  40. Will Kevin Durant choose the Celtics? Johnson become a victim?
  41. Segway Tour Verona\mi
  42. Two milestones on one hit! David Ortiz had made Red Sox survive
  43. Lost Howard, Daryl Morey must act
  44. Dwight Howard will play back to hometown of Atlanta
  45. The richest contract for Mike Conley in NBA
  46. Terry Collins won't reveal who pitch that night
  47. Cameron Maybin capped a dramatic eight-run ninth to beat Rays
  48. Bud Norris will be traded to take the place of Kershaw
  49. David Ortiz will miss the Home Run Derby
  50. Indians had shut out Braves to continue winning streak
  51. Who can more than Sam Presti about the great vision on a draft?
  52. The biggest victory of Rex Ryan, his father?
  53. The influential Buddy Ryan has how Influential NFL's life
  54. The hottest team Indians is enjoying longest winning streak
  55. Clayton Kershaw is scheduled to leave the team's current road trip
  56. All-Star credentials for the rookie Corey Seager
  57. A big league pitcher, the rapid evolution of Jake Arrieta
  58. Aledmys Diaz had to leave after a foul ball struck him
  59. Bryant had supplanting Ernie Banks as the youngest man
  60. Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta all had a perfect performance for Cubs
  61. Avoid sweep! Scott Kazmir gave the Dodgers a chance
  62. Chicago felt firmly on the upswing with a go-ahead homer
  63. Bauer accomplished, the distance shouldn't be rare for a starting pitcher
  64. Exciting! Cardinals had completed their first three-game sweep since 1988
  65. There are words about this deal
  66. Derrick Rose wants to be in the spotlight
  67. The great players of all time, LeBron James did
  68. Curry eventually failed to prove himself in the finals
  69. What is lack of Warriors in contrast with the super teams? ambition?
  70. Just one step more, the last 5 minutes?
  71. The time is ripe! Alessandro Gentile decides to come
  72. Cavs had shattered the perfect myth of Warriors
  73. Don't you think this is the greatest season in NBA history?
  74. Curry had left with the biggest regret finally in his crazy season
  75. Numerous classic stories, this is doomed to be the hero of the stage
  76. James had done as if relieved of a heavy load
  77. Union had made into tiebreak by cheating?
  78. Curry had said the final game, either heaven or ****
  79. An excellent chance for the team to return Cleveland
  80. The agitation of basketball that Warriors had leaded does it make sense?
  81. There is no way can back in condition for Curry?
  82. Great! Johnny Cueto had earned 10th win for Giants
  83. Must continue to win victory, just a no escape game
  84. Insight into Andre Iguodala, the fearsome weapon
  85. Performing miracles! winning is the only task
  86. No doubt, Irving justify himself with the practical action
  87. The collapse of the defense, this night was too tough for Raymond Green
  88. Green was so painful due to suspending that couldn't wait to prove himself
  89. Love maybe usher a new life by joining the Rockets
  90. Disappointed! Barnes didn't grasp the chance
  91. Abruptly robbed the victory Green's absence is the key?
  92. The level of James had made the whole "light up"
  93. A crazy game, the result is surprising and understandable
  94. Great loss, Greenís suspension for Warriors
  95. An awfully nice step for Yordano Ventura
  96. Cardinals finished a rare sweep to give the Pirates in trouble
  97. Letting out a scream for 4th Stanley Cup title
  98. Lake Erie has won the franchise's first Calder Cup by sweeping
  99. Isiah Thomas a strong man in the NBA at the 80s
  100. No awesome data what James had done at this NBA finals
  101. Green is the heartbeat of the Warriors
  102. Love's state had soared to help Cavs get the match point
  103. Derozan is expected to join the Lakers?
  104. A bigger trouble is coming from Raptors
  105. As long as believe can do it, in James' mind
  106. 3-1, what happened to the Warriors? will miss the NBA finals?
  107. Knowing about Russell Westbrook's world
  108. Thunder had made the clear end in the clouds
  109. What represents to win a championship for Durant
  110. Lowry's performance in critical moment enough convincing?
  111. Regretful, James disappeared at the last 3 minutes
  112. Love had no sense, fared poorly
  113. Even if is the Cavs, can't stopping
  114. The offensive of Durant has only just begun
  115. Losing crazily Curry faced unprecedented challenges
  116. Seeing how the coach of Thunder turn things around
  117. The Warriors had swallowed the huge score gap
  118. Can't continue cooperation just the current situation
  119. Tough attitude Irving hold well
  120. Another big victory! momentum is too fierce
  121. Looking how Curry had picked up the slack
  122. A wave of flow of Warriors destroyed the opponent thoroughly
  123. Rockets is hard to win the champion turning out to be he
  124. Ability of absorb gold the future is in James'?
  125. Short flame is not enough to illuminate the road ahead
  126. The Raptors were suppressed fully
  127. Don't provoking, James will make you smile not to come out
  128. Performance was very good Irving with better off
  129. Although home court broken Curry was still a bright spot
  130. Durant still is their "nightmare"
  131. Regrettably, Spurs didn't grab home-court advantage
  132. Rewrite history! too not easy about the rise of the Raptors
  133. The all-star point guard Lowry was deducing
  134. Low! Wade will have no chance to meet with James finally
  135. Into the east finals Lowry had played a super standard
  136. No one can stop! Thunder had locked the western conference finals
  137. Whether you believe it or not the data prove legend still continue
  138. Memorable, see how Stockton sketched the legend
  139. Well done! youth Blazers felt proud though defeated
  140. A magic weapon of winning just is three-pointer?
  141. Can crazy data of Thunder continue? threatened Spurs
  142. Fatal miscalculation! in the form of very nervous
  143. Looking at the Curry behind aura, how do we?
  144. Curry had done to unanimously elected into history
  145. It is inevitable! MVP belongs no suspense
  146. "Despair" Curry is enough to make anyone to fear
  147. Too bad, Leonard was not in state
  148. Can James led the Cavs break the spell?
  149. Durant maybe join Heat to end James's rule in eastern?
  150. The value of a superstar had fully embodied
  151. Heart unwilling to take that data?
  152. Let's take a look how Thunder imitate the Spurs
  153. Unable to limit, Aldridge is the challenge just can't surmount
  154. Why say every victory of Cavs but farther from the championship?
  155. As long as give Lithuania chance, he can also be savior
  156. A series of "if" to make the big changes of Rockets
  157. The cause of hard to comeback, heavily
  158. Who will seize the opportunity of chasing Vogel, Rockets?
  159. Read the world of referee for Joseph Crawford
  160. The Cavs is proving how strong it is
  161. Who will be the goals after kobe to compelte quickly rebuild?
  162. Unexpected, this state also can win
  163. There is no doubt cheers for Thompson
  164. Wild performance copy again
  165. Amazing data enough prove the key of Westbrook
  166. Breathtaking! control game to pass by beating finally
  167. Depressed, a first defeat in the playoff
  168. Boost morale! Hawks had broken the spell
  169. The reason of led to the Rockets quickly rout
  170. Star aura to win the game smoothly
  171. Shot through the Rockets again despite Curry was absent
  172. Duncan had a very high evaluation to Leonard
  173. Why can the Warriors also win without Curry?
  174. Pivotal ball for Lowry to stabilize morale
  175. Durant's state will influence the western pattern?
  176. If Westbrook crazy who can stop?
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  178. Tears in the spot, Grizzlies had done their best
  179. Always crash, too terrible Harden had in depression
  180. "An arrow through a heart" James had in crazy
  181. From a grassroots to metamorphosis, look CJ McCollum
  182. Who can save the Rockets? the bald head coach?
  183. Defense fighting for Houston the night belongs to Harden
  184. Good! taking back the advantage of home court
  185. A great scorer, no one can hold up
  186. This state was too weird, not the opportunity?
  187. How a glory! Sixth Man Award for third time
  188. Too superstitious! Losing unexpectedly blamed the jerseys
  189. Missed the opportunity, the depressed state of Westkrook
  190. How to become cornerstone of the team with three big problem
  191. Grizzlies must bold changes to get the hope
  192. Overwhelming! slowly but surely victory of Heat
  193. No doubt, Cavs had opened a good start in the playoffs
  194. How strong are the youth Celtics? The Hawks is the touchstone
  195. The probability about entering the finals, what did ESPN say
  196. Curry had the most intense competition of steals
  197. Continue entanglements of the NBA finals
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  199. Yves makes some interesting points Pete
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  202. Special significance! Warriors had the record high
  203. Say goodbye to the "domineering" youth of Kobe Bryant
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  205. The eastern third! Heat to be determined to win
  206. Paul just reserve energy for the playoffs
  207. Opening all fire! Lock the first for the east
  208. The glaring score is not so important just feelings
  209. Overwhelming! Lakers was thoroughly broken
  210. Constantly create new myths? like Jordan
  211. How Derozan had surpassed the legend? just look
  212. Surely? they had maken the Rocket despair
  213. In jeopardy! will the prospect of Houston go wrong?
  214. Only watch the legend who had played 20 years
  215. Can't wait to play in the playoffs
  216. Terminate the last chance of hitting playoffs for Rockets
  217. Kobe Bryant just make doubt as power all the time
  218. Breathtaking! almost destroyed the pivotal victory
  219. A top priority just win the game for Rockets
  220. Invincible! don't let him get serious
  221. Meet with the Raptors Jeremy Lin has a saying
  222. Pop up big upset! who can imagine?
  223. Yao Ming had shattered all kinds of bias for china
  224. Let the opponent collapse, this is Kobe Bryant
  225. Pity! the best combination just has if leave
  226. Losing the game is the highlight
  227. It's great! the spirit of Cavs must be James
  228. Good enough tohad directed the reversion!
  229. They all can't afford to lose!
  230. Unbeaten home! What can we say?
  231. Star-studded! Yao Ming has became the China's first man
  232. The invincible opponent to the Timberwolves
  233. Young have infinite possibility without rested model
  234. Collective dumb fire! he is inferior to James?
  235. "Fatal injury" despite had the best pass
  236. Surpassing the legend, Durant had done!
  237. Spurs had good news constantly at the Memphis
  238. Refuse to off the chain on the formidable task
  239. Data parsing! who is more stronger, Spurs or Warriors?
  240. Top star's data! Thompson should not be undervalued
  241. This is Kevin Durant as legend
  242. Paul should even more be remembered at that game
  243. No doubt James had absolute charisma of leadership
  244. Coming again! continue to shine in the crucial game?
  245. James has entered the best state?
  246. It's a pity for Leonard that no record though omnipotent
  247. Cavs is lost again, Irving will be faced with cleaning
  248. Declaring completely return the peak of MVP season
  249. Had tried! Harden was very brave at that game
  250. Poignant! Can don't let him play?