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: New Member Introductions

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  1. Jimmy Butler, a real recognition!
  2. Wanting to win must depend on each other
  3. Fighting together or go their separate ways, which is better?
  4. Now? although used to be the strongest combination of the Union
  5. Still waiting for the next opportunity for revenge?
  6. About joining the Warriors, the inner voice of Durant
  7. The rift between them will heal sooner or later?
  8. Surely, Durant is changing yourself for the champion
  9. Lost 3-pointers? the Rockets need to alert
  10. Cory Joseph, a more safeguard to shake the eastern overlord
  11. The silent wins sound for James at this time
  12. "Small assassin", the strongest 175 high on the ground
  13. Be humiliated by opponents, James was powerless
  14. No doubt, the Warriors are still Curry's team
  15. Deep breath! Durant was suppressed for too long
  16. Curry will write his own chapter to face the Cavs
  17. Curry, my perfect end-result! everything here fascinates me
  18. This time, the Cavs can block their firepower?
  19. James, today's Warriors become more dangerous
  20. Wanting to stop Westbrook, the difficulty is too high
  21. Ryan Anderson is expected to out of the trough
  22. Harden is the first person at the NBA
  23. Lakers, the most confused team in the Youth?
  24. Too tough! defending small Jordan, had no way
  25. The fans here is too incredible despite it is difficult for Horford
  26. Such a triple-double will lose its meaning for Westbrook
  27. Toronto's singles king had tore up the Nets with a wave of flow up
  28. Tyronn Lue, just want to make such a change for the Cavs
  29. Folks, it's hard to leave for Carmelo Anthony
  30. Alexis Ajinca may be the Champion puzzle for Rockets?
  31. "Penny" was brilliant enough for the Hall of Fame of Magic
  32. Efforts will really be rewarded for Gordon?
  33. Derrick Rose, he "has gone" in the past
  34. Klay Thompson, i enjoy such a duel
  35. Gordon is an indispensable presence for the Rockets
  36. To rush the western conference, it must trade
  37. Cavs is absolutely the most talented team he joined
  38. Don't be surprised! the best Coach and MVP for the regular season for Rockets
  39. Beating the Grizzlies for the perfect revenge
  40. Howard is still the dominant in the defensive end
  41. All-star starter Isaiah Thomas was determined to win?
  42. Such a Jimmy Butler who Bulls may be trading away?
  43. Westbrook will continue to fight on despite has been enough crazy
  44. Their potential through the time will be able to be released
  45. Can these young people complete the counterattack?
  46. Harden play well is the key for the single-core team
  47. The road of defending Champion for Cavaliers is more clearly
  48. The end result we won! this is the present Rockets
  49. Jimmy Butler, he is the cornerstone of the team
  50. Kyle Korver, an excellent chance to compete for a championship
  51. The most tacit understanding of James and Wade
  52. Green, just need to do things you should do yourself
  53. When Rockets believe that they can compete for the championship?
  54. Curry is no longer the focus of the Union?
  55. Depressed! Bosh's basketball career fear to end
  56. Curry needs to re-find the feeling for the next schedule
  57. Seized the chance to choose Warriors, Steve Nash maybe was the key
  58. The future schedule is an opportunity for Westbrook
  59. Harden reactivated and staged a fantastic season
  60. His presence make the team have infinite possibility
  61. He made Rondo's trust crisis in the Bulls further exacerbated
  62. Facing James, Butler stood out again
  63. Durant is still not satisfied despite the enough perfect performance
  64. How to stop! Cavs can not be without James
  65. Rondo's position in the Bulls is still not clear
  66. Who will enter the 2017 Hall of Fame as a finalist?
  67. Paul Millsap hopes to stay in Atlanta
  68. If Raptors get Millsap Eastern Conference finals may be more dramatic
  69. Tough fight back! It is time to revenge for Embiid
  70. Isaiah Thomas, the Boston's new signboard
  71. Defense is the player ability problem for the Knicks?
  72. Samaje Perine, the Oklahoma Sooners' new career rushing leader
  73. Sean White, we faced a lot of adversity but stuck together
  74. McCoy's dismissal had dismayed Chargers players
  75. In a different direction on the coach for Bills
  76. Single-core lead ability, James is the strongest
  77. He witnessed Harden's restart!
  78. Irving Roland, led Harden to complete the transformation
  79. Need small business payroll help.?
  80. Facing the Mavericks "Grand Army" failed again at homefield
  81. The championship is the best birthday present for James
  82. Currently the longest record of Union is still continuing
  83. Single-game zero assists! it actually happened to Westbrook?
  84. Overly share the ball to cause more mistakes for Warriors?
  85. Jordan's ability to "absorb gold" after retirement is still amazing
  86. Great! playing aggressive and enthusiastic fans for John Wall
  87. Really pathetic! Stan Van Gundy can not control his own destiny
  88. Where is Motiejunas's future of carrier
  89. The focus is to cooperate with the team to win for Curry
  90. Miller Time! greatness has never been measured by champions
  91. Swept the Mavericks! Harden let everything come so naturally
  92. Crazy! Westbrook's future must be constantly surpassed
  93. David Fizdale, the intimate big brother at NBA the legend of him
  94. Become the undisputed superstar, Irving still needs to learn
  95. Whether the crazy single attack mode needs to change for Knicks?
  96. Playing ferocious defense is the key
  97. Westbrook completely was a super leader at that moment
  98. Christmas war is the beginning and living in the moment for Irving
  99. What a depressed game for the Warriors
  100. Just enjoy it all that belongs to your glory
  101. O'Neal had accelerated the process of the Heat to the peak
  102. O'Neal, the youth begin and end of the generation of fans
  103. The copy edition of Warriors, hard to get a win!
  104. It turned out that Patrick Beverley had the last laugh
  105. Now Eric Gordon really have gotten the chance to prove myself
  106. Who is strong or who is weak? the Lakers Showtime period or current Warriors?
  107. Beverley just is a fighter that extremely desire to win
  108. O'Neill is really great is that he changed all of the Heat
  109. Cool! the Warriors' defense already is not a problem
  110. A crisis of Cavs early duo to the injury
  111. Rose, victory is everything, return everything
  112. Deserved! the honor belongs to O'Neal
  113. The most efficient season of Jeremy Lin despite losing
  114. A fatal mistake again, it is time to wake up for Harden
  115. As long as comes on stage Jeremy Lin will go all out
  116. Patrick Beverley, he can always fill the data bar
  117. The Washington's awful night with their meltdown
  118. Cry foul? the NFL decision on Ezekiel Elliott
  119. The little wolves, all they need is to precipitate themselves
  120. Sure, the Westbrook's need is not the data but the victory
  121. He has led the Raptors to tightly bite the Cavs
  122. Duncan is a leader that taken into the heart of every player
  123. Youth, say goodbye to the most real Duncan
  124. Sure, Duncan is our youth! youth with silence and commotion
  125. Backbone is the backbone! such Harden made fans excited
  126. Great! needing to show this ferocious power
  127. It was definitely time to leave for Eric Gordon
  128. All provocative must see the outcome on the field
  129. Almost close, almost close, this is just Crazy
  130. Thompson is expected to copy legend of Kobe?
  131. Richard Sherman, how keep the emotion in the game?
  132. Durant did't want to go to the Knicks?
  133. Just the inevitable changes in the era of large data
  134. To share the ball, this is the change of the times
  135. It is doomed to be a tough night for Gregg Popovich
  136. This world will never have another Craig Sager!
  137. This change will truly become the first one in the league?
  138. Missing triple-double again! how to lead team for Westbrook
  139. Just seize the opportunity to shoot it
  140. A surprise! Harden's transformation is still continuing
  141. The NBA dream of Italian talented player maybe will next year
  142. Everything does not matter as long as win
  143. Embarrassing, Pelican failed again to face Warriors despite efforts
  144. He can get better, Wesley Matthews is fulfilling his promise
  145. Lakers, the revival seems to be in sight of?
  146. Jeremy Lin didn't be rust and he let me move
  147. Paul, the god of point guard with fully deserve
  148. Harden had found a good partner?
  149. This season, Harden is too bright
  150. Alvin Gentry can't refuse the classic that once belonged to him
  151. The chemical reaction in Rockets is heating up
  152. Grizzlies seemed to be the peak team in the league this night
  153. To win a championship is the urgent matter for Westbrook
  154. Warriors,the revival with full of blood quickly
  155. Trading him, how could it be?
  156. Harden, elected MVP will be a matter of course?
  157. Unexpected! Durant had alone fought in the Warriors
  158. To be sure, build a strong defense is the key for Cavs
  159. "Evil" but it is deserved for the Warriors
  160. Westbrook, just the mentality that is against the world
  161. Incredible! this was Curry's response
  162. Who is stronger? today's Cavs or the previous Heat
  163. No negotiation! the Warriors is so horrible
  164. Will Paul continue to fight for the Clippers?
  165. Seven years long,the Rockets had finally relieved
  166. Curry is a barrier to the western conference finals for Paul
  167. Harden is a defensive colander?
  168. Harden's perfect performance! no "black spots"
  169. No preheating, so simple and direct
  170. The perfect deducing! Thompson just needs to catch and shoot
  171. There are many stories waiting for me to write
  172. The Magic has no leeway can only fight to the playoffs
  173. This night Thompson become the focus of all
  174. So "self-willed" you will never catch his steps
  175. He is a very special person not only to the Cavs but for James
  176. Tyronn Lue, a maker of miracles
  177. Motiejunas will probably have a new opportunity in Rockets
  178. It is time to play more aggressive
  179. Will Warriors more need Durant to get offensive chances for teammates?
  180. Miserable! Howard was pushed to the forefront of public opinion again
  181. He just wanted to win despite incredible
  182. Westbrook is so "overbearing" and "unreasonable" on the field
  183. D'Antoni, we must be well prepared
  184. So sincere friendship despite the different pursuit
  185. Rebuild confidence, how long will the Hawks need?
  186. Be patient, the "wolves" of the Timberwolves are still too young
  187. Brothers duel! ultimately Wade had won
  188. Irving and Wade, a struggle between "new love" and "old love"
  189. Be vigilant! Jeremy Lin has to come back soon
  190. This is a new era! we will not play with emotion
  191. Brothers' affection is diffusing between James and Wade
  192. The Clippers may still can't go further due to Rivers
  193. No exaggeration, he saved Harden
  194. What's wrong with James? just the depressed state
  195. The future is unknown, if once again we'll do that
  196. Curry's whereabouts will affect all the fans' nerves at next year
  197. This is a long season, just wait and see
  198. Sherman will continue his criticism, challenge it?
  199. Patty Mills is expected as a turn of the situation like Ginobili
  200. Towns ignited hope, this is definitely a starting point
  201. Westbrook's night, the audience cheers as if only for this moment
  202. Back to Atlanta, Howard smiled from the heart again
  203. Amazing people and more let people look forward
  204. Truely Scott Brooks' merits outweigh errors for Thunder
  205. How this all-around warrior will become a terrible star?
  206. Cavs must correctly open the mode of win
  207. Twice efforts for the Clippers, but just futile
  208. The current Irving is really due to the role of the father
  209. He is a special existence for the Cavs
  210. Durant is still the most dazzling superstar
  211. Westbrook, just finding the best way to win the game
  212. Repeatedly misfiring what's up with New York boss?
  213. Playing the right game, that's all
  214. We must continue to struggle despite everything that has happened
  215. Such a painful defeat! Clippers as sleepwalkers on the pitch
  216. This is actually a matter of choice for Irving
  217. Rockets are going very smoothly under the new coach and lineup structure
  218. Become a superstar, there is still a long way to go for McCollum
  219. Harden is Harden! is not easy to be challenged
  220. Lakers no doubt is the most eye-popping team at new season
  221. Look at what happened on the Clippers at the new season
  222. The expected superstar failed to shine just Oden lacked luck
  223. The power of idols is infinite only to leave his mark in Toronto
  224. For sure! he had created Jimmy Butler's fantasy journey
  225. Smith, it might be his final NFL season
  226. Rodgers and teams will respond with very optimistic
  227. The deal of Cousins will happen, just who will take over?
  228. There was no signs before the game
  229. Sure, the former Minnesota wolf king is recovering
  230. James is the superstar that always has teammates in eyes
  231. New and old hatred is together with going all out
  232. The bludgeoning comes very timely
  233. Walton had gaven the Lakers' fans enough surprise
  234. Full emotion! the change is coming with too dreamy
  235. Porzingis is already ace of the Knicks, who say is not?
  236. We are going forward on the right road! the Knicks immersed in joy
  237. The centers are on the wane? obviously is not the case
  238. "The big men" are making a comeback just not be the past
  239. Competition is escalating, the fans will feast for the eyes
  240. Conley, don't care whether be underestimated despite frustrated
  241. Dusty records for 30 years was easily broken by Warriors
  242. Harden is doing for rewriting the history of the Rockets
  243. Vince Carter, to accept old but don't accept can't play
  244. Westbrook has no choice, this is the single-core effect
  245. Irving reaped the domineering self-confidence only belongs to him
  246. Isolated or further? it depends on Westbrook
  247. It will be the most relaxed season of James
  248. You can beat him but never defeat him! just is Beverley
  249. Green will not hesitate to compete for, this is what he wants
  250. How the NBA's theme is formed?